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Please review the specifics of your dental insurance plan; keep in mind, for each plan there are:

  • benefit maximums
  • deductibles
  • 'in-network' vs. 'out-of-network' and
  • covered percentages

We are happy to help you maximize your insurance benefits by preparing all the necessary claim forms and submitting them to your insurance company for you.

Dental plans are designed to help pay a portion of your dental costs. Many plans cover 100% of their allowables for preventative and diagnostic services, and then between 40-80% of basic restorative care and other treatment needs. Your cost depends completely on the services and procedures which your employer has purchased as part of your dental benefit plan through a contract with the dental insurance company.

Even though your plan may limit certain types of treatment it will cover, it is recommended that you discuss with us to decide what treatment is best for your specific needs. Dental plans often limit your options through a contract with your employer and are not based on employees' (you, the patients') needs. Dental plan administrators are not usually dental professionals and therefore are not in a position to decide which treatments are right for you. We base our treatment on what is best for you. It is encouraged to speak with us about your individual treatment plan and ask any questions you may have about your dental benefits.

Please know that you are responsible for your total obligation should your insurance benefits result in less coverage than estimated. We can only give estimates, as insurance companies do not share actual dollar coverage with us.

Regular dental visits are an important part of your overall health. Many studies have shown that poor dental health is linked to other medical issues such as diabetes, oral cancer and heart disease.

Some dental procedures are not covered under a patient’s dental insurance plan, and therefore may be submitted to a patient’s medical insurance, if applicable. We may ask you for authorization to bill your medical insurance carrier in an effort to utilize your benefit as it applies to some specific dental procedures.

The largest percentage of our patients utilize the following insurance plans. Included are some plan specifics relevant to your dental benefits.

  • Dow Chemical Delta Dental
    • Preventive: As of 2015, Dow Chemical has made the insurance policy cover 2 cleanings and exams per year, no matter how much is left in your yearly maximum of $1,500. So even if you max out this amount, your cleanings are never taken out of that yearly amount.
    • X-rays: Your policy reads that over the age of 15, bitewings (cavity-finding x-rays) are a covered benefit only once every 2 years. Your individual case of caries (decay) susceptibility may require yearly x-rays of this sort. That would be determined between you and the doctor. If they are needed, they will become your responsibility if the insurance rejects coverage. This, as in all denials, can be challenged with your insurance company.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    • In our office, Blue Cross checks are issued directly to the patient. We will gather and submit your claim information to the company to aid you in your collection of benefits. We have two ways to handle this insurance:
      • You, the patient, pay the balance in full at time of service and keep the insurance check when it arrives attached to your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
      • Or you, the patient, pay your co-pay at time of service and have 30 days to pay the remaining balance to our office via cash, credit card or personal check.
    • This insurance, since the initiation of the Affordable Care Act, has developed a pediatric policy that aids taxpayers in adhering to the regulations to have coverage for dependent children under the age of 18. This particular policy has coverage carried only for the child(ren) in the family and not for the parents. Please notify us as to these stipulations as they apply to you and your family.

  • Other Insurance Policies
    If you have specific questions about other insurance plans, please contact our office at 989.631.6075 or by email.